Exams, exams everywhere…

And so they began….

Beyond all the melodrama of exams, there’s a silver lining.. I’ve got pretty well versed with my arch installation… and molded it to my whims and caprices..

I’m pretty much a macOS lover(like the most of you guys), but I gotta say arch pretty much pulls the most out of linux distros, by staying A.O.T. when it comes to software. The fact that it is a rolling release and no version numbers, and the philosophy of K.I.S.S. are pretty amazing. It just feels so good that it compiles the software for us, even when official arch repo doesn’t hold it, from AUR. The community is quite good too. I admit it that there’s a learning curve to get it up and running… :P

But, trust me, it’s worth the pain.. find it out for yourself here.

Now back to the point.. as much as I’d love to continue with the GitHub, these exams are holding me back.. No worries, though, that’s gonna be the first thing to do, once I’m done with them.

Bye, for now, guys.. :P