First honors 😍

First honors 😍

That winning feeling!


When I just finished my 7th semester of my B. Tech life, I was a mediocre student. Not that I am any good now. I had average grades and nothing on my career profile envisaging a good career to come. I never felt so nervous about where my life was headed.

One fine afternoon, I received an email from Mozilla stating that I won the Mozilla Open Source Support Award. I was stunned! It took a while to sink in, but then I enjoyed the moment of glory. My morale grew exponentially and so was my team at I still remember the skeptical application I drafted for MOSS Global Missions Project.

that oomph when you read such emails!

The euphoria that comes with such an honor, convinced me that I was more than a mediocre student. Though, with great power, comes great responsibility. Everything aside, it was a good opportunity to hone my skills and develop new relationships. Heck yeah, it gave me a lot of self-esteem.

Taking this opportunity, I’d like to thank the Mozilla Open Source Support team for showering me with such an honor. I’m very pleased how they remember their roots as an open-source community.

Finally, I’m getting paid!

To all the fellow students, please apply for the MOSS GMP project and improve your chances to gain new heights easily. And yeah, the offer does provide funds as much as your project deserves, weighted by you. Good luck, students.