first intern!! yay…!

Hi guys! Good to see you again!
First of all, I’m quite thankful to the coala developer community for providing me with the knowledge and experience. It’s priceless to me.

Yay.. 😎 I got an internship @Wipro. Not to brag, but it wasn’t quite so difficult. So, I’m just here to share my experience with you, I know most of you guys are better at the work, in comparison, but still, I scored one, right?

At first, I was skeptical even about attending the first round, considering the large form we were forced to fill in (had like around 50 fields). My entire hostel wing was quite immersed into it and everyone picked up formals, all the documents and the boarding pass provided by the company. Thanks to some of my friends Sanjay Kumar Dara and Bhanu Rahul Reddy, they pushed me onto getting the forms printed and attending the intern.

The first round had 70 questions and we were given 70 minutes to complete the test. It had 40 questions related to analytical and logical reasoning. The rest were related to programming, operating systems, database management systems and networking. They were quite true to the basics.

The second round was a technical interview over Skype. It went smooth too. Questions were quite basic like the use of static modifier, access modifiers in Java, use of variable arguments in C, some bitwise operations(how to reset a 12th bit of a given number), general experience with opensource, etc.

The third round involved HR, and so, I was posed with basic questions like temme’ about yourself, why do wanna choose us, why should we choose you in particular, what’s confidence and over-confidence, if you were given a lump sum of money what’d you do, what’s the difference in smart-work and hard-work, etc. It’s quite easy a round. You just gotta be confident and answer without doubt, that’s just what I did. Thanks for the support, guys.

See you later, guys. Thanks for the attention!