gitmate, the bot from the future..!

It’s been a while since I last wrote an article.
How’re you guys? I’ve been waiting so long for this one, almost a month, I guess. I’ve a lot to discuss. So, let’s get started. 😊

I pretty much expect you guys to be quite struck by the title here. Hold those thoughts, we’ll get back to them in a moment.

I returned back to OS X(hackintosh strictly), in the last month, not much to talk about it, as you guys probably know better than me about the experience. But, it’s worth mentioning that I don’t regret it. 😛

And back to the code, I’ve been working with this awesome community, coala, they build a unified interface for linting and fixing errors for all languages. The community is fresh, large and quite newcomer friendly. I seriously recommend you guys(pythoneers) to pay her a visit. 👍🏻

By the way, our organization(NITDgpOS) came quite into shape in the past few months. Established on 4th Nov last year, it was expanding with different colors and flags, we had a couple of events, viz. GSoC Heat and another an introductory. The former one drew a larger audience.

GSoC Heat was a small event mimicking the official GSoC program, but on a much smaller scale. Thanks to the organizers, I could participate actively in the event as a mentor(Although I had a couple of proposals, and received quite positive reviews all around). Yay.. 😉 the event was a grand success.

Sadly, we couldn’t participate in RGSoC this year, as we realized that we were past due date by the time we had thoughts to apply. 😢

Back to the title, yeah.. the gitmate is really a bot from the future. To speak succinctly, it an automated code review bot, it automatically responds to issues, pull requests and many other general operations. It’s prototype had only support to GitHub and neither was it opensource as there were hindrances with licensing and stuff.

Alright, your mind is probably racing with many thoughts, why is this guy endorsing coala and gitmate? profit oriented guy? 😛
The reason is, primarily gitmate was built by the coala community for their own code maintenance. Secondarily, 😍 I’m in love with how the bot functions, and hell yeah.. I’m a part of the community building gitmateV2.0 !! It’s being built on the foundations of AngularJS and DjangoREST framework. Quite a baby at the moment. We’d be glad if you’re interested to join your hands with us on building gitmate.

Thanks for the attention, brave little you, 😍 for finishing this 2 minute read. Hope to see you soon. Signing off.. 👋🏻