Hello World.. !

This is my first blog post ever.. I feel so excited.

I’ve recently begun working on open source projects available on GitHub. When I first started, I was quite afraid on messing up code from repositories. I had so little experience using git. I was introduced to GitHub by one of my friends, Vamsi Krishna Gollapudi(quite an astonishing person, and a GSoCer).

I’ve never used a VCS before, so, I messed up a lot in my first contributions. I thought it was just some place like Google Drive to store code. :-( So, I eagerly pushed all my works yet onto it. They had no version control, and they show up just as initial commits .

Although my friend insited me to work on GSoC, I really thought VCS and opensource weren’t my cup of tea.

The year of 2016 almost passed by… and on my birthday(as I remember), I made a decision, that I really need to work on opensource. This was the time I fell in love with FaceBook OpenSource. I came across one of their major projects, called ReactJS. I felt it to be quite intuitive. Since, I loved JavaScript a lot, I fell in love with the project too.

I learnt how to use it in a few days. And, I was an avid user of Atom(an awesome text editor). I learnt that it incorporated React under the hood. This was when I came across atom-shell(or electron as they call it now).

And my love of music, Atom and React came together as one, I started working on creating a music application using all the resources I came across. In a few weeks of using react, I learnt a lot of things like Webpack, Hot Module Reloading etc.

A week later, my friends and seniors(last year’s GSoCers), hosted an event themselves to familiarise us with OpenSource and GSoC. They were quite friendly. They have an organization on GitHub, called NIT-dgp. Honestly, I attended the event only because Vamsi was organizing it.

And so I started contributing to opensource via this organization, since all of them were friends and were once people like me, I lost my fear. Although, I messed up a few of my pull requests, they attended very patiently to all my queries.

Now I’ve got enough courage to work on GSoC. And thanks to them, I’m definitely applying this year. Love you guys..

And I apparently have exams in two days, so I’ve gotta end this short and begin prepping up. I’ll be back soon as my finish my exams..

All hail OpenSource..