I’m bored of life.

I’m bored of life.

That was me until the past week.

Embrace your life. Image credits: Unsplash.com

It can be frustrating to to hear about how to make your life wonderful by doing things that you can’t necessarily do on a daily basis because of your job or lifestyle. I hear about people travelling all time to far flung places, or spending days outside, and the only thing that I can think of is how unfair it is that I’m cooped up in my home, with the only view of outside being the screen in front of me.

However, as someone like me who likes to make the most of each day, (not just weekends!), there are a few things I do to make even my most mundane Mondays a little brighter, because I’m a big believer that every day should be made ridiculously amazing!

Get up an hour earlier.

Yes. I know my friends. We all are insomniacs and stay up all night doing all kinds of things. But, do give it a try, an early sleep and early rise can truly fresh up your day a lot. Use the time to take a stroll down to a park or even just the sidewalk, if you don’t live near any park. Frantically running into showers, driving or walking to the office, and sitting at your desk before your body has even had time to adjust to your new day, only worsens your day. Set yourself a tone for the mellower day, instead.

Make a to-do list in the morning.

Thanks to few of my colleagues, I recently started writing up to-do lists at work. It feels so refreshing at the end of the day seeing all those check marks. To give it a try, I brought the same change to my life, not just work. It just feels too good to be true, that simple things like these really refresh your day. But this trick really does work.

Make movement non-negotiable.

Halfway through your morning and through the afternoon, I force myself to standup and walk around. (Couldn’t do that earlier, so, I forced my laptop to go to sleep, if I didn’t have a walk in time.) I’m trying to do this as often as possible. This helped me have a break from all the problems at work. Work is just work to get paid. It shouldn’t be haunting your afterlife.

At lunch, get away from your computer.

Be in the moment. Enjoy whatever the food you are eating. Get outside and have a walk, read a book or just take in the day for whatever amount of time you can spare.

Do something different each evening.

This helps in keeping you away from boredom. Routine way of life gets you bored easily. Don’t just come home, eat dinner and relax on the couch. We should mix things up, if anything go for a long drive out into the wilderness, have a hike planned, take your pet for a walk or visit a beach, watch some movies (the kind you have never seen before) or just have bonfires in the backyard. Just because it is “an evening in the weekdays” doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it!

Don’t go into an eating rut!

Have something you really enjoy for each meal. Even if it it’s something cooked at home, have a change of menu everyday. And I tried cooking something on my own, didn’t turn out to be good, but it really gave me a lot of satisfaction. Plan out some fun dinner, which is both fun to make and eat! Once you start experimenting in the kitchen, it is hard to stop and the possibilities are endless!

Reminiscing your day before bed.

Be thankful for everything that happened during the day. The most important thing of all these things is to practice mindfulness throughout the day. Even on your way to work, which may seem like the most mundane thing ever, take in the weather, the sounds, the sights. At work, notice the people around you, and make the best of whatever your job might be. You’re there, so may as well make the best of it and take pride in your accomplishments. Our world is always changing, every second of every hour, so make sure you witness as much of it as you can.

Hope this helps at least someone in their life. If these tricks really helped you too, take time to throw in some claps. Follow me for more such updates.