Let’s rebase.

Although it is super fun to work with opensource projects, it can get pretty tiresome on the project maintainers after reaching a certain degree of popularity. Projects start to draw the attention of more and more young aspirants and managing the review process can be a pain in the arse.

Here’s to gitmate, we have an easier workflow at coala.io and gitmate.io. Coming to the end of GSoC, it’s been really a lot of pleasure working with Lasse, Fabian and others. They really stood out for help whenever asked for.

I’ve been working on plugins and some final groundwork on a better gitmate. The maintainance of rebase is a bit of a problem on large repositories with thousands of pull requests and merging them, rebasing them, etc. Well now, rebasing a pull request is as easy as commenting @gitmate-bot rebase on the pull request, and voila the heavy lifting job would be done for you. We’ve initially had thoughts about automagically rebasing all open pull requests when an old one was merged, but this might lead to unnecessary use of power on the branches. Henceforth, we just stuck to rebasing them only when asked for. Oh and BTW, all our code is open-source and available at code.gitmate.io. And for the rebase plugin, we use a docker container that pulls the code, and rebases them, and pushes the code onto the remote branch.

That’s all for now.