New Wishes & Resolutions

It’s almost 2017, and yet she remains unknown to me. Perhaps, it’s gonna be a great new start, or perhaps not.

In this season of lights, prayers and presents, I’ve got bigger questions I need answers to. Will I still be here this time next year? Will I have become famous by then? Will I be more or less free than I am today? Will I be made a fool of? Am I working to my full potential?

Starts to sound like someone we all know of, eh? We’re just getting started, bruh. Don’t worry. We’re all in the same tow.

I’ve got some wishes and resolutions for the coming year, just like everyone else.

Saving out pointless expenditures. I badly want a MacBook Pro. Working out correctly. Sending out 100+ resumes. And some usual BS, like getting some new toys and stuff, need someone to care and all that.

Hope you’ve got some too, and they become true.

May 2017 bring us all peace and joy we invoke whenever this season rolls around. And may it give us all those heels, courage and love.

Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year with 2017.