Storing data!

Storing data!

This week of GSoC has all been about making models to store GitHub and GitLab data within a database to overcome two problems, viz;

  1. GitHub API Rate limiting
  2. Reducing latency for GitMate operations

We have a new project setup at igitt-django. It’s a django application to store and organise IGitt objects within a database.

This solves a lot of problems for future plugins like duplicate issue finding which involve fetching a lot of data in the responders.

I think I’m gonna end this one here, but trust me, the next one’s gonna be pretty big, a lot to share 👍🏻.

A small clue into the next one here.


This week of my GSoC ran terribly slow 😔, owing to several factors like poor internet connectivity at college, registration and room allotment, etc. Hoping to get work done quick by the day.